Server Support
  • Full Server Support
    • This includes installation and managing servers
  • On Site PC Installations Or VM creation
    • VM’s managed through popular Virtualization programs like HyperV and VMWare
  • On Site Switch and Router Setup and Support
  • Printer, Fax, & Copier Configuration
    • All set up through our secure authenticator


We provide top tier hardware at ReppertFactor. Integration of hardware and servers are challenging alone, but in the hands of an experienced company like ourselves, we make it as convenient as possible for you, by providing the services listed below.

Server, Switches and Router Support

Outdated or bogged down server equipment can lead to slow logons, irresponsive services or just not being able to transfer data. Upgrading and maintaining Servers, Switches and Routers can lead to overall better performance for your company. The server integration package we provide here at ReppertFactor is top notch and you won’t have to worry ever again about maintaining your servers.

As far as Switches and Routers go, you bet we can handle that too! Do not worry about if you need a certain amount of access points, or configuring routers, we can take care of all of that.

Server Upgrades

If you have an older server, or as mentioned above, something slow and irresponsive. We can upgrade your setup and migrate your data to where it’ll cause minimal downtime.

PC Installation

Your employees need a workstation? We got you covered with that as well. We will work with you on what hardware would be best for your needs, and once decided, we will install and configure them. And even lock them down on the network so employees cannot install applications or access non-work-related websites.

Printer & Copier Configuration

Wirelessly print or copy over our secured network. With the ReppertFactor Authenticator, you can bet that any legal document you print or scan, is 100% secure.

Virtualization (Hyper V and VMWare)

Save money and time through Virtualization. Windows Server HyperV makes virtualization easy as it can be. And to make it easier… let us set it up and get you going with it! Aside from HyperV, we also have VMWare. Virtualization also requires maintenance, but with little downtime, just another benefit to virtualization.

For more information, please contact us today at 215 945 8869!

Stop stressing out over your office’s system. Find out how ReppertFactor can help you.