• On Premises or Hosted Exchange
    • Office 365
    • Web Mail
    • Custom SMTP Servers


With email being a primary source of contact in most businesses today, it’s almost a must to have some sort of service for it. We provide a few email solutions through Microsoft Exchange to help make communication between you, your employees and your clients as easy as can be.

Hosted Exchange Servers & Office 365

Secure your information through a managed exchange server. Create users faster, with a more organized structure and fantastic security features to ensure that information transmitted is safe and secure, and no more worrying about phishing emails making it through to your employees, thanks to a managed exchange server.

Offers the following benefits:

  • Microsoft Office 365 is the most modern iteration of Office yet. Access both online and offline documents through the use of cloud applications or local applications.
  • The cloud or online version of Microsoft Office is extremely streamlined and business appropriate, with a very professional look. Be able to access your saved documents on any computer, just by logging into the web-based version, that’s right. You don’t have to carry that flash drive around anymore.
  • Also included in most Office 365 licenses are the most up to date desktop versions of Office as well. And with Auto-Save enabled by default, saving after every few key strokes, you don’t have to worry about if you forget to hit save or if something happens where your Excel/Word/Powerpoint closes unexpectedly.
  • Did we mention updates are automatic? Gone are the days of waiting an hour for Microsoft Office to update and install the last 6 patches.

Web Mail

In the event that you do not wish to have a managed Exchange server with Office 365, we also have solutions for web mail. Save money by having emails handled through a web based solution, like Google’s Gmail. Thus, allowing you to access your email from any device, anywhere.

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